Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009


It was a very happy holiday.Festive,lights,cooking,shopping .Music,
Time for reflections of my family in all
parts of this country.I hope I reached out
and touched all of you in some small way.
I pray that you all felt that. I shed a few tears
through the Holidays but thats just me. I am
very nostalgic and memories mean a lot to me
thats all you have left in the end. I believe Peace
on earth starts at home and with in our selfs.
So I will start there with a perpetual prayer
in my Heart ,that peace will be the goal for all
of us in what ever it is in our life we want for
us as individuals and our famlies. Happy New
year to all my beloved children,grand children
daughter in law,son in laws ,step children and
their families. May He walk with you in your
Love MoM "Things will be fine in 2009"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh what a Day

My little house looks like Santa's cottage. It was fun decorating this year with Nikki's help. Bill did the out side with lights and lite up candy canes a blow up Santa a multi colored Christmas tree and even Santa in a Helicopter.we admired it all for about 5 minutes , then a fuse or something blew. Half the lites went out both Santa's deflated. So we are like the Griswold's working on the lights. We got hidden cords and plugs all over the place. I know he will figure it out.Soooo Merry Crithmath. HOHOHO

Monday, November 24, 2008

To My Children

My story is really about my children. I would not be who I am today were it not for them . Although I put no claims on being the perfect mom. I do know that I love my children perfectly. At this busy time I want to take the time to stop and thank you for being the really great children you are. You have all shown me how to find the rainbow behind the clouds even on my cloudy day you are my rainbows.Some of you offer advice and know just when to listen,some of you are fun,silly and lighthearted or serious,caring and sympathetic.Whatever the situation calls for. All of you are attuned to my feelings with out a word being spoke.Quite simply you are all a comfort and joy to be around, or even hear your voice and talk or emails.I hope you know how very much I appreciate and Love you and how very proud I am to say I am your Mother.

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Love Joycee